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Oman offers fantastic scuba diving conditions throughout the year and dive sites populated by a vibrant abundance of marine life and the Marina Bander Al Rowdha is a great base to explore the dive sites in the area. Although visibility can be the tricky element when diving in Oman, we would say that the average visibility in the Sultanate is around 5 to 15 meters and sometimes as far as 25 meters. These plankton rich waters attract an array of marine life, incomparable to other diving destinations: a true mix of fauna and flora of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. You can expect water temperature as low as 22C and as high as 32C with some thermoclines from time to time but they do not usually spoil your dive.

Almost all of our dive sites are also accessible to snorkelers and non-divers are welcome on board to discover what the Oman Gulf has to offer above and below water. Oman is a very welcoming country and known for its rich hospitality. Kindly note that swimwear is permitted around Marina area and while on boat, however, respecting the local culture, we recommend you to dress moderately as you head away from the Marina area. Gulf Divers LLC offers daily 2 tanks dive trip from Marina Bander Al Rowdha, Sidab to various dive sites that include Jissah Point, Cat Island, Bander Al Khairan, and Fahal Island. Depending on the demand, Gulf Divers LLC  organise trip to Ras Abu Dawood.  Gulf Divers LLC  regularly conducts PADI certification courses from beginner level to instructor level.

Gulf Divers Oman
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Gulf Divers Oman
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Gulf Divers Oman
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